Taking the Guesswork out of Messaging

October 16, 2009

The right kind of research can reveal if the market understands a product or service and if the messaging is effective. Read more

Sharing your Research Past

October 8, 2009

Market Connections recommends that clients share relevant findings from previous qualitative, quantitative, and secondary research and analyses conducted by other research companies and by in-house resources. Read more

Research Before Redesign

September 4, 2009

Everyone knows their web site is one of the most important touch points with customers and prospects.  Research studies can be immensely helpful during the process of redesigning a web site.  The findings can help maximize the value of the site for everyone that touches it including customers, prospects, partners, investors, press, and potential employees.   Research done before and after creating a new website design can help answer: Why people visit the site   How they’re getting to the site What would improve the visitors’ experience If the site is user friendly Click here to read more. Read more

Go Green or Go Home

August 26, 2009

We were recently asked to gather perceptions around the issue of going green. Companies want to better understand how important this issue is to their current and prospective customers, the best ways to deliver “greener” services and solutions, and how to effectively communicate the ripple effect of those green benefits to their customer organizations. This issue is of particular relevance to government contractors, as the Obama administration has made it clear that green and alternative energy sources will be a focus over the next four years. Certainly global warming is a primary reason for this focus. But, ... Read more

Who’s Your Champion?

August 25, 2009

There are many successful companies out there that don”t yet have a structured approach to research. In this scenario, a critical factor is having a motivated and empowered internal champion that can rally and integrate the stakeholders and drive strategic success. This person must be skilled at facilitating a continuous, cross-functional communications loop internally – all the way from developing an effective study, to prioritizing improvement activities that result from the findings, to monitoring those efforts via established metrics. In an ideal situation, the research champion would offer the following attributes: Decision-making authority: At times, he or she will need ... Read more

Ensuring Your New Name Is The Right Name

August 10, 2009

Organizations are sometimes faced with an unavoidable need to change their name. Perhaps the need is driven by changes in the industry, an expansion of offerings and markets, a new strategic direction, or a merger or acquisition. For example, Blackwater Worldwide recently changed its name to Xe – pronounced “z” – which the president attributed to the company’s shift away from providing private security to training and logistics. (The desire to make a clean break from the past after years of widespread negative publicity surrounding the company’s work in ... Read more

Marine Corps Blocks Access to Social Networking Sites

August 6, 2009

This week it was announced via this message that access to social networking sites (such as Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, and Twitter) was officially banned on NIPRNET, the Marine Corps enterprise network. While use of these sites had not been banned across the Marine Corps prior to this announcement, there were already many facilities for which access was restricted or denied.  Additionally, concerns continue regarding the security breaches that could be caused by allowing access to these sites.  The sites have had many security issues as use increased; just today, Twitter reported a denial of service attack, in which a hacker accessed ... Read more

OPM Seeks Public Input for their Strategic Plan

August 4, 2009

Last week Office of Personnel Management Director John Berry announced that OPM is taking a giant step forward in transparency,?? becoming the first government agency to put its proposed 5-year strategic plan online, open for both the public and employees to comment.  Further, they will make comments immediately available for the public to read.  What a great way to use the Internet to interact with interested constituents! The OPM Strategic Plan for 2010-2015 can be found here, and comments can be offered through this online form.  Those who prefer to “lurk” can read all comments here. Read more

Tips for Choosing a Research Partner

June 17, 2009

Downsizing has become all too common in this economy. That’s why many organizations no longer have research departments or an experienced person dedicated to managing research projects and outside providers. Yet, those organizations still have critical needs for current market data. As a result, various departments and personnel are developing RFPs and assessing research companies for the first time. Here are a few tips for the first timers: Ask co-workers and industry contacts for the names of research providers they know and trust. Find providers through the Marketing Research Association or similar organizations. Visit the ... Read more

White House Releases Cyberspace Policy Review

May 29, 2009

Today the White House released their much-anticipated 60-day cyberspace policy review. According to the report, the review team found Cybersecurity to be lacking overall.  The White House team has already promised action.  On the White House Briefing Room blog, Melissa Hathaway, Cybersecurity Chief at the National Security Council, writes, “”¦we need a safe Internet with a strong network infrastructure and we as a nation need to take prompt action to protect cyberspace for what we use it for today and will need in the future.  Protecting cyberspace requires strong vision and leadership and will require changes in policy, technology, education, and ... Read more

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