Twitter: The next big thing?

December 11, 2008

{democracy:3} Social networking sites are gaining traction in the private and public sector as tools to stay in touch with colleagues and customers. In the last couple of months, there’s been a lot of buzz around Twitter, a micro-blogging social networking site that lets users inform others about their every move. It seems like everyone is using it: President-elect Obama used the tool to update his supporters during his campaign, friends and colleagues “tweet” constantly on everything from important meetings to their eating and shopping habits, books and movies are promoted using the tool, and event-happenings, businesses news, and even the National Debt are updated ... Read more

Federal Media and Marketing Study Webinar

December 2, 2008

Did you miss our October event premiering the 2008 Federal Media and Marketing Study? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Sign up today to attend our free webinar, which will demonstrate the tool and provide a sneak peak at the results! The webinar will take place on December 16th from 1-2 p.m. To register for this event, please click here. Read more

The Classic Struggle Between Sales & Marketing

November 25, 2008

If you’ve been in the business world long enough, you’ve probably witnessed first hand the classic struggles between sales and marketing.  Sales people say the leads that marketing aquires aren’t qualified enough.  They complain that the sales support materials don’t fulfill their needs.  They don’t always understand the strategy behind marketing’s branding efforts.  Conversely, marketing professionals say that some sales people don’t adhere to the strategic messaging, or don’t take the time to learn new markets and applications the organization is targeting, or that they need to follow up on leads faster. These frustrations are common in organizations that neglect to strategically align sales and marketing.  While ... Read more

Calling All Channel-Based Organizations…

November 25, 2008

There’s no question that channel-based organizations reap many benefits from the broader market reach their resellers enable.  But, even under good economic conditions, they also face numerous challenges related to serving their markets via a decentralized sales structure.  One key to success for such organizations is to maintain a two-way exchange of relevant and timely information with value-added resellers (VARs). As markets continue to soften, VARs that survive and even prosper will find ways of helping customers re-plan to change with the times.  They’ll offer products and solutions that provide a much faster ROI, especially those that can make processes more efficient ad remove ... Read more

The Government Marketing Forum Fall Event New Administration Impact

November 21, 2008

On Monday, the Government Marketing Forum hosted its final event of the year. The subject was the impact of the new administration. The speaker was Stan Soloway, President and CEO of the Professional Services Council, the principal association representing the government professional and technical services industry. Soloway, a long time DOD executive, was most recently the deputy undersecretary of defense (acquisition reform) and concurrently, the director of the Defense Reform Initiative. As such, he was able to offer some rich insights into the environment the new administration is coming into, and what we can expect in the first few years ... Read more

Plotting your Course in Uncertain Times

October 23, 2008

Do you have trouble seeing the silver lining in times of great uncertainty?  You are not alone.  In dire situations, many people are tempted to pull the plug on all initiatives.  They’re more comfortable taking a step back and waiting to see where the chips will fall.  While there is merit in being cautious in a serious economic downturn, there is also high risk that taking a wait-and-see stance will leave you poorly positioned for new opportunities that will arise when once the economy begins to turn.  And, if history repeats itself, it is likely that the downward economic spiral will be followed by a period ... Read more

The Fred Federal Show

October 6, 2008

Tired of the same hum-drum boring web content? Fred Federal is here to save the day! Our friends at Cisco and Federal News Radio have recently released a new web-based radio style drama: The Fred Federal Show. This Cisco-sponsored program features Fred Federal, a fictitious government employee (who also happens to be a cyber-hero) solving problems big and small using technology. Today I listened to the first episode and am now anxiously waiting for the second, which will be released in about two weeks. The Fred Federal Show is a quirky combination of radio drama and soap opera, and ... Read more

Webinar Q&A

August 18, 2008

Thank you to everyone who joined us in July for our webinar, “How to Create a Competitive Advantage Using Market Research”. We hope you found it very informative. During the broadcast, we welcomed questions from listeners, but because of time were unable to answer all of them. Below are two viewer questions about research that we”d like to take a few moments to answer now. Q: How can one calculate the cost versus benefit of market research? A: This question relates squarely to your objectives. How much are you investing to bring that product to market? How much are you spending on ... Read more

Email Etiquette

August 8, 2008

In today’s world, many professionals rely on emailââ?¬â?a quick and convenient communication toolââ?¬â?as their chief form of communication. Personally speaking, I use email daily to keep in touch with almost all my clients and vendors. With so many messages going outââ?¬â?sometimes as many as a hundred a dayââ?¬â?it is important to always keep in mind the proper etiquette for business emails. Here are a few tips and tricks we at Market Connections use to send effective emails with a positive impact: 1. Re-read your message before sending it. Just step back and take a moment to consider your ... Read more

A Weak Economy Calls for Strong Market Data

August 8, 2008

For many businesses, an economic downturn usually means spending cuts across the board. And, experienced marketers know first hand that their budgets are often hit early and hard. Yet, even with a lower budget, expectations for marketing results typically remain high. At the same time, economic concerns are forcing your customers to be much more discerning in every phase of the decision-making process, including if they buy, how much they buy, when they buy, and from whom they buy. Read more

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