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Study: Lack of Federal Employee Training on Cybersecurity Hinders Threat Prevention Efforts

January 27, 2015

From Exec Gov | January 27, 2015 Forty-six percent of federal information professionals surveyed by SolarWinds and Market Connections cited insufficient cybersecurity training as a key hurdle in the prevention of insider threats. The research polled 200 IT leaders across civilian, military and intelligence agencies regarding obstacles to federal cybersecurity programs, SolarWinds said Monday. More than half of respondents said careless and untrained computer users are the greatest source of malicious threats in their organizations. Read the full article. Read more

Ed Survey Results: Insider Threats

January 26, 2015

From Dark Reading | January 26, 2015 SolarWinds (NYSE: SWI), a leading provider of powerful and affordable IT performance management software, today announced the results of its cybersecurity survey, in which federal IT Professionals exposed a need for internal cybersecurity threat prevention. Respondents identified careless and untrained insiders as their greatest source of cybersecurity threats — over malicious external sources such as hackers and terrorists — yet disparately reported that malicious external threat sources maintained priority for threat prevention investment. In December 2014, Market Connections, a leading government market research provider, in conjunction with SolarWinds conducted its second annual blind survey* of ... Read more

SolarWinds Survey Investigates Insider Threats to Federal Cybersecurity

January 26, 2015

From Full-Time Whistle | January 26, 2015 A survey of 200 federal IT managers and decision makers showed data breaches due to careless and untrained insiders is the top cybersecurity concern, but that is not reflected in their spending. External threats still get the lion’s share of investment The perceived threat from careless or untrained insiders — employees or contractors with access — was a major cause of concern for 53 percent of respondents to a survey conducted by SolarWinds and Market Connections. The figure is up from 42 percent at the same time last year and the leading threat identified in ... Read more

Careless and Untrained Insiders Biggest Cybersecurity Threat to Federal Agencies: Report

January 26, 2015

From The Whir | January 26, 2015 Careless and untrained insiders are the biggest cybersecurity threat to federal agencies, outweighing threats by external sources including hackers, according to a report by SolarWinds on Monday. This particular finding is consistent with a report SolarWinds released in March, in which 29 percent of respondents said insider data leakage and theft was a top cybersecurity threat to their agency. Read the full article. Read more

Survey: Budget Constraints Top List of IT Security Obstacles

January 26, 2015

From Fed Week | January 26, 2015 Budget constraints were the most frequently cited obstacle to IT security according to a survey 200 federal “IT decisions makers and influencers” by Market Connections on behalf of SolarWinds, a government IT contractor. However, 29 percent saying budget constraints are a problem is an improvement over the 40 percent benchmark established the prior year. Read the full article. Read more

Accidental Insider Top Threat To Federal Cybersecurity, SolarWinds Finds

January 26, 2015

From Homeland Security Today | January 26, 2015 Although federal agencies identify careless or untrained insiders as the top threat to federal cybersecurity, agencies continue to devote the most concern and resources to malicious external threat sources, according to IT software management company SolarWinds. In partnership with research firm Market Connections, SolarWinds conducted an online survey of 200 federal IT professionals to investigate insider threats to federal cybersecurity and gauge federal agencies’ confidence and ability to combat external and internal IT security threats. Read the full article. Read more

Cyber Training Top Priority Among Federal Civilian, Defense Agencies

November 6, 2014

From Executive Gov | November 5, 2014 A new survey from the Fort Meade Alliance indicates that cybersecurity personnel training is a top investment priority for more than 60 percent of federal civilian and defense agencies. Market Connections Inc. conducted the online survey of U.S. federal government information technology policy makers to gauge their awareness of cyber threats, insider threat prevention obstacles and cyber investment priorities, the FMA said Oct. 27. The survey results show that nearly 70 percent of respondents agree that end users are aware of the security policies within their agencies while more than 30 percent say lack of cybersecurity ... Read more

Survey: Cybersecurity Priorities Shift to Insider Threats

November 6, 2014

From Federal Times | November 3, 2014 A survey of federal IT managers in both the civilian and defense sectors showed a shift in cybersecurity concerns from outside actors to insider threats and a focus on the need to educate employees. The survey — commissioned by the Fort Meade Alliance and conducted by Market Connections, Inc. — posed five questions to 200 federal IT decision-makers about the biggest challenges and opportunities they saw in the cybersecurity realm. While intentional leaks like the information released by former intelligence contractor Edward Snowden put the focus on malicious internal threats, IT managers expressed more concern with ... Read more

Training as Top Concern for Government

November 6, 2014

From The Business Monthly | November 4, 2014 A survey of government information technology (IT) professionals finds that training to prevent cybersecurity threats is an investment priority for more than 60% of federal civilian and defense/military organizations. On that note, the Fort Meade Alliance (FMA) cybersecurity survey outlines recent findings below. Almost 70% of government IT decisionmakers agree that end users are aware of agency security policies, yet lack of training is considered an obstacle to preventing cyberthreats by about one-third of survey respondents. Employee training is among the top investment priorities for prevention of insider threats. Employee training is a significantly higher investment priority ... Read more

Moving to the Cloud (or Finding Reasons to Wait)

October 23, 2014

From FCW | Oct. 23, 2014 A new research study—conducted by Market Connections, Inc. and commissioned by General Dynamics—explores the status of federal agencies’ plans, concerns and perceptions of cloud solutions, in an effort to highlight those factors which may contribute to a successful cloud migration. Three-quarters (73%) of respondents indicated that their agency was either researching/considering the use of services from cloud providers or currently using/planning to use software as a service (SaaS) within the next year, while two-thirds of respondents (66%) indicated a similar interest or investment in platform as a service (PaaS), infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and managed ... Read more


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