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Is the Government its own Worst Cyber Security Enemy?

March 27, 2014

From Merlin Blog | March 27, 2014 Much is made about the external threats to federal government cyber security: The malware, hackers and unwanted prying eyes. These are certainly concerns that need to be curtailed, but according to a recent survey by Market Connections and SolarWinds, the greatest threats may be coming from within. Ignorant and untrained insiders may be just as common a security risk as malicious intruders. In the new survey, which polled 200 government IT and IT security personnel, 94 percent of respondents stated that their agencies had good or excellent cyber security readiness policies. Although, while 47 percent ... Read more

Is your Biggest Cyber-Threat One Cubicle Away?

March 26, 2014

From Fedscoop | March 26, 2014 Federal IT professionals say their agencies are cyber-resilient, but in reality many grapple with threats and internal ignorance, according to a new study. In the survey released today by Market Connection and SolarWinds, findings show that while the majority of respondents describe their agencies as cybersecurity-ready, many still face threats by both insiders and external attackers. Market Connections and SolarWinds earlier this year polled online 200 IT and IT security professional decision makers in the federal government and military. Close to 95 percent of all respondents rated their agencies’ cybersecurity readiness as good or excellent, saying the ... Read more

Insider Data Theft Among Top Cybersecurity Threats for US Federal Agencies: Study

March 26, 2014

From The Whir | March 26, 2014 Insiders at US federal agencies pose nearly as much threat to agency information security as hackers, according to a survey released on Wednesday by IT software management company SolarWinds. SolarWinds worked with Market Connections to survey 200 IT and IT security professionals from the federal government and military in early 2014, and their answers suggest that the threat landscape is much broader than just malicious outsiders. Read the full article. Read more

Survey Shows Half of Federal Workforce Considers Leaving Government

February 24, 2014

From | February 24, 2014 In another consequence of Washington gridlock, half of federal employees are considering leaving their government jobs for those in the private sector, a new study shows. The online survey of 370 government employees, conducted by Market Connections and FierceGovernmentIT, showed that the top three reasons for federal employees to consider leaving are the government pay freeze, the political environment, and better salary opportunities in the private sector. These attitudes are likely to have an impact on government’s ability to do its job. “We could see serious repercussions on mission-critical work as a result of pay and hiring ... Read more

Half of Feds Consider Looking for Jobs Outside Government

February 21, 2014

From FCW | February 21, 2014 What: A survey conducted by Market Connections Inc. and FierceGovIT titled “Federal Employee Defection & Fallout.” Why: The poll surveyed 370 government employees in civilian and defense agencies and found that half are looking for a job outside government. The three most common reasons cited were pay freezes, frustration with the political environment and higher salaries in the private sector. Verbatim: A survey conducted by Market Connections Inc. and FierceGovIT titled “Federal Employee Defection & Fallout.” 76 percent of respondents agree that “a loss of institutional knowledge from retiring personnel will ultimately erode mission effectiveness.” Sixty-one percent say ... Read more

Half of Feds Would Seek Greener Pastures in Private Sector

February 21, 2014

From Federal Daily | February 21, 2014 About half of federal employees would consider seeking work outside of government, according to the results of a new survey. Among the reasons given: Pay freezes, perceived better pay in the private sector, and a hostile political climate. The new online poll of feds by Market Connections, Inc., and FierceGovIT also revealed concerns over the “brain drain” and staff reductions that occur as older and more experienced feds retire or look for jobs outside the government. More than three out of four respondents believed that this loss of institutional knowledge eventually will chip away at ... Read more

Take This (Federal) Job and Shove It: Survey Shows Government Workers Have Had Enough

February 21, 2014

From | February 21, 2014 Are you a federal employee fed up with furloughs, pay freezes and financial uncertainty? If so, you’re not alone. A new online poll by PulsePoll by Market Connections Inc. and FierceGovIT shows 50 percent of federal employees are considering changing careers. Workers cite a variety of reasons for their unhappiness, ranging from frustration with current work environment and concerns about “brain drain” hurting mission effectiveness. “It is clear that the recent political environment and agency staffing practices are affecting federal morale,” said Lisa Dezzutti, president and CEO of Market Connections, Inc. “We could see serious repercussions on ... Read more

Fed Flight, Contractor Delight?

February 21, 2014

Study shows half of federal workers considering leaving government From Washington Technology | February 21, 2014 Frustrated by pay freezes, furloughs and the current political environment, 50 percent of federal employees are thinking of jumping ship and working outside of government. Mission effectiveness is already suffering as a result. According to a poll of 370 federal workers conducted by Market Connections and FierceGovIT, many government employees cited recent policies as a reason to defect from government work, and 39 percent of respondents said staffing issues have gotten so bad that mission-critical work is going undone. Read the full article. Read more

Half of Federal Employees Considering Leaving for the Private Sector, Survey Finds

February 21, 2014

From The Baltimore Sun | February 21, 2014 WASHINGTON—After a year that saw sequestration, furloughs and a partial government shutdown, half of the federal workforce is considering leaving for the private sector, a marketing firm has found. The top reasons they are thinking about a move, according to a survey of current federal workers by Market Connections Inc.: a three-year pay freeze, the political environment in Washington and the lure of a better salary in the private sector. Market Connections surveyed employees from mid-December to mid-January, when Washington was offering the workforce a few glimmers of hope: Congress was negotiating a budget deal ... Read more

Half of Feds Considering Leaving Government

February 20, 2014

From Federal Times | February 20, 2014 Pay freezes and the prospect of a better salary in the private sector are driving half of federal workers to think about jobs outside the federal government, according to a new poll. The Market Connections, Inc., and FierceGovIt poll of 370 federal employees found frustration with the current work environment as well as concerns about replacing experienced government employees as they retire. Read the full article. Read more


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