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Get Your Recruiters Ready: Are the Feds Facing a Mass Exodus of Employees?

February 20, 2014

From Washington Business Journal | February 20, 2014 Contractors get ready: you may have a rush of job applicants coming your way really soon. And if so, you can thank the federal government for it. Check out these findings from a new poll of federal employees courtesy of Market Connections Inc. and FierceGovIT: Half of the 370 people surveyed said they’re considering employment outside of government. Read the full article. Read more

Poll: Half the Federal Workforce Says They Might Leave Government

February 20, 2014

From Government Executive | February 20, 2014 Fifty percent of federal employees are mulling a career switch, according to a small, online poll released Thursday. The reasons, not surprisingly, include frustration over the three-year pay freeze, political attacks on the government workforce and an expectation of higher salaries in the private sector. The PulsePoll survey of 370 civilian and defense agency employees by Market Connections Inc. and FierceGovernmentIt also documented concern about a “brain drain” of experienced employees that could crimp effective pursuit of agency missions. Read the full article. Read more

LPTA Contracts Gaining Favor Among Agencies, but Give Vendors Less Incentive to Innovate, Study Says

October 30, 2013

From FierceGovernment | October 28, 2013 Lowest price technically acceptable procurements have been gaining favor among agencies, but that gives vendors less incentive to be innovative if the approach costs more, an Oct. 24 Market Connections and Centurion Research study says. Under LPTA, agencies focus more on price than on past performance as long as the vendor meets minimal job requirements. So if a vendor comes to an agency with a unique solution that costs more than a competitor who comes with a more basic solution, the agency is more likely to choose the cheaper solution as long as it meets the ... Read more

LPTA Contracts Stifle Government Innovation

October 25, 2013

From Information Week Government | October 25, 2013 Shrinking budgets and tight fiscal restraints are pushing federal agencies to use “lowest price technically available” (LPTA) contracts more frequently, a move that may be sacrificing long-term value in the quest for short-term savings. According to new government market research released Oct. 24, the LPTA approach has its share of potential pitfalls: contracts may be going to less qualified companies, standards of performance may be lowered and the approach may not be optimum for services or product development. One thing that doesn’t seem up for debate: LPTA use is expected to rise in the next ... Read more

Vendors See Writing on the Wall When it Comes to Low Price Acquisitions

October 25, 2013

From Federal News Radio | October 25, 2013 Vendors are on edge and growing more nervous about the state of the federal acquisition environment. Blame sequestration. Blame the government shutdown. But the real culprit is LPTA — lowest price, technically acceptable — an approach to evaluating procurements that is changing the federal acquisition landscape. And all signs point to agencies continuing to use this approach in the coming years to buy goods and services, thus forcing federal contractors to have no choice but to adjust. “We have to accept lowest price may just be best value for the government customer,” said Lisa Dezzutti, ... Read more

Seven Facts You Need to Know about LPTA

October 24, 2013

From Washington Technology | October 24, 2013 Let’s face it: lowest price, technically acceptable contracting is here to stay. It isn’t going anywhere—not anytime soon, at least—so it’s important to learn the facts so that you can remain competitive in the LPTA era. Fact one: There are $27.7 billion in LPTA contract opportunities, according to an analysis by Centurion Research Solutions, who along with Market Connections produced an LPTA conference on Thursday. The opportunities range from meager — $40,000 — to huge — $6 billion. The average is a healthy $70 million with an average timespan of 3.6 years, and an average ... Read more

LPTA Puts the Screws to Subcontractors

October 24, 2013

From Washington Technology | October 24, 3013 By Nick Wakeman, Editor-in-Chief The prevalence of lowest price, technically acceptable contracting is hard enough on incumbents and prime contractors, but it is worse for subcontractors. That was one of the main takeaways I pulled from a panel discussion at an event on LPTA put on by Market Connections and Centurion Research Solutions. The two companies worked together on a research project and survey looking at the impact of LPTA from both the contractor and government perspective. The survey results drove home the point that lowest price contracting is here to stay. “It’s the world we live in,” ... Read more

Public and Private Sectors are Far Apart on LPTA

October 24, 2013

From AFCEA Signal Online | October 24, 2013 Lowest price technically acceptable (LPTA) procurement might not give government the best solutions, and it definitely causes consternation for industry, but it is here to stay at least for a while. A survey released this week reveals deep concerns about the LPTA business deals and why current fiscal demands will keep them around. Market Connections Incorporated and Centurion Research Solutions showcased the difference in perception between the public and private sectors regarding LPTA and industry’s concerns it cannot deliver its best work under the contracts. “The government really needs to stay cognizant that in the LPTA ... Read more

Study: LPTA Sacrifices Long-term Value, Stifles Innovation

October 24, 2013

From FCW | October 24, 2013 What: A report released Oct. 24 by Market Connections and Centurion Research Solutions titled The New Reality: The Impact of LPTA Procurements on Government Contracts and Solutions. Why: Lowest Price Technically Acceptable (LPTA) contracts drive down prices for government contracts, but 375 government contractors and 360 civilian and defense decision-makers in government polled in the survey suggest such contracts also drive down innovation and sacrifice long-term value for short-term cost savings. Verbatim: 65 percent of contractors and 43 percent of government employees believe that LPTA procurements sacrifice long-term value for short-term cost savings. Both sides (71 percent contractors and ... Read more

All Things Events

October 7, 2013

From Federal News Radio | October 7, 2013 This week on “Amtower Off Center”, host Mark Amtower interviews Monica Mayk Parham and Joyce Bosc, regarding their new white paper: “Connecting with Government Customers in an Era of Event and Travel Restrictions”. Topics include: 57 percent of federal agencies hosting fewer events Increasing paperwork/justification for attending events- even local events The rise of online venues Contractors seeking alternate methods for communicating with Feds Listen to the interview Read more


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