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New Data on How to Reach Government Customers

October 1, 2013

From immixGroup | October 1, 2013 As today’s government shutdown clearly illustrates, it’s hard to get anything done when two parties are so far apart in their beliefs. Could the same communication breakdown be occurring between government marketers and our prospective customers? At some point (hopefully soon), they’ll be back at their desks browsing the Web, opening our email on mobile devices, and maybe venturing out of the office once or twice a year to meet with industry face-to-face (assuming they’ve been given the proper hall pass). If we want to capture their attention, we have to follow their lead. Read the full ... Read more

Fewer Conferences = Less Innovation

September 30, 2013

From AFCEA | September 30, 2013 Industry and government personnel believe that event cancellations and travel restrictions are having a negative impact on innovation and collaboration. According to one survey, the massive decrease in conferences that facilitate intelligence gathering and networking will adversely affect government contractors’ abilities to provide the most up-to-date information, solutions and best practices that government agencies require. Cutbacks have been deep. Nearly 72 percent government respondents to the poll said they have been attending few conferences in 2013 than they did in 2012. Two-thirds of agency personnel surveyed agreed that without access to events, it will be more ... Read more

Study: Federal Employees Skipping Conferences More Often

September 27, 2013

From Associations Now | September 26, 2013 With nearly three-quarters of federal employees in a recent survey saying they’re attending fewer conferences, the details of the trend are becoming clearer. The situation creates new challenges for federal agencies, the contractors that rely on their business, and the associations that often bring them together. In case the multiple stories Associations Now has run on the issue haven’t underlined the point already, a new report says the decline in federal conference attendance is accelerating. “Connecting With Government Customers in an Era of Event and Travel Restrictions,” a new white paper by Market Connections and Boscobel ... Read more

Travel and Conference Cutbacks Are Harming Innovation, Survey Finds

September 27, 2013

From Government Executive | September 24, 2013 Congress and the Obama administration’s cost-cutting curbs on agency travel to conferences and trade shows are putting a crimp on innovation and collaboration, according to a new survey. The cutbacks also mean contractors must modernize their tools for communicating with procurement officials, the firms Boscobel Marketing Communications and Market Connections found. Sixty-eight percent of respondents to the marketing companies’ survey agreed that innovation and collaboration within government and between government and industry will be negatively affected by the spending cuts. The study included 161 government contractors and 383 federal government employees across civilian, defense and ... Read more

Fewer Feds, Contractors Attending Conferences

September 27, 2013

From Federal News Radio | September 24, 2013 Budget cuts and bad publicity have combined to put the kibosh on both the number of government conferences scheduled this year and the number of employees and contractors attending them, according to a new poll. Among federal employees, nearly 72 percent of survey respondents said they have attended fewer events in fiscal 2013 than they did last year. About 57 percent of respondents also said their agencies had hosted fewer events this year compared to fiscal 2012. Those are sharp increases from last year, when just 38 percent of federal employees said they were cutting ... Read more

Poll of Feds Finds Worries Over Cuts to Conferences

September 27, 2013

From Fierce Government | September 24, 2013 Many federal employees are concerned that innovation and collaboration will suffer as a result of declining attendance of conferences and other events, according to a poll of federal workers. Market Connections, a Chantilly, Va.-based research company conducted with Boscobel Marketing Communications of Silver Spring, Md., an online poll in June of 383 federal employees across agencies. Nearly three-fourths said they attended fewer events in fiscal 2013 than the previous year. Fourteen percent said their attendance was about the same, 12 percent didn’t know and only 3 percent said their attendance increased. Read the full article. Read more

Survey: Feds, Contractors Say Travel Cuts will Hurt Collaboration

September 27, 2013

From Federal Times | September 24, 2013 Federal employees and contractors say that travel restrictions will harm best practices and collaboration between government and industry, according to a survey released Tuesday. About 62 percent believe they will have problems maintaining best practices while 72 percent believe collaboration between government and industry will suffer, according to a survey of 544 federal employees and contractors by research firm Market Connections and communications firm Boscobel Marketing Communications. The travel restrictions were in response to an April 2012 inspector general report that detailed a 2010 General Services Administration conference that cost $823,000 and forced out the agency’s ... Read more

Report: Modular Projects Are More Successful

August 29, 2013

From FCW | August 29, 2013 What: The Market Connections-FierceGovernmentIT PulsePoll. Why: This two-part study examines the benefits 200 federal IT managers attribute to using modular development methods over the traditional waterfall approach in IT projects. In part one, the respondents — who work in both civilian and military agencies — cite an IT project success rate of 60 percent since 2010. Modular adopters report higher success rates, however, and 64 percent of respondents felt agile development improves IT project outcomes. The full study includes the metrics used to break down IT project successes. The study’s second portion examined the top obstacles and ... Read more

Poll Finds Modular and Agile Approaches are Complementary

August 22, 2013

Part 2 of a 2-part special report From FierceGovernmentIT | August 22, 2013 The compatibility of modular and Agile isn’t just an intuition—a new Market Connections-FierceGovernmentIT PulsePoll shows that government government agencies that use modular for major IT projects are also more likely to use Agile for software development. Among those respondents who said their agency had gone modular for all major IT projects, 47% reported Agile development in a major IT project, while among those who said their agency has adopted modular for some major It projects, 44% said Agile has been used in a major IT project. Overall, 34% of respondents said their ... Read more

Poll Finds Modular Contracting Yields Project Success

August 21, 2013

Part 1 of a 2-part special report From FierceGovernmentIT | August 19, 2013 A new consensus among federal information technology managers is that the spectacular, multi-million dollar program failuresin evidence this past decade can be avoided in the future through a new development method: A modular approach. The past was the era of “grand designs,” of multi-year efforts meticulously planned and executed according to a set of requirements gathered in advance. The result often was brittleness since adaptation to changing circumstances was difficult and costly; often enough for internal contradictions to accumulate and projects ultimately collapsing. In December 2010, as part of a plan ... Read more


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