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Social Networking Increasingly Important in B-to-G Market

August 21, 2013

From BtoB | July 26, 2013 Without a doubt, the influence of social networks in business-to-government marketing has grown exponentially over the past two years. According to market research company Market Connections, the social networks making the biggest inroads in business-to-government are LinkedIn and Google+ . Other studies show that companies leveraging social networks are growing faster than those that don’t. When federal policy on allowing social networking started to shift in early 2011, use of social networks by the feds was low. Since the relaxing of the initial policies, federal presence on social networks, especially LinkedIn, ... Read more

Mobile Productivity: Too Much of a Good Thing?

July 11, 2013

From FCW | June 9, 2013 Mobile device use among feds continues to increase, and these devices are becoming critical to mission success, according to a new study. But the increased connectivity may have its downsides. Results from the study, which polled 300 feds from various civilian and defense agencies, were discussed July 9 at the Federal Mobile Computing Summit. The research was conducted by FierceGovernmentIT and Market Connections and published by FierceGovernmentIT. “Mobile device use has definitely increased, and the way government employees consume information is changing, largely driven by the use of mobile devices to access the Internet,” said Monica Mayk ... Read more

More Event Cancellations + Something to Share with the Corporate Office

June 12, 2013

From Government Sales Insider | June 12, 2013 The latest blog post from immixGroup’s Government Sales Insider covered the Top 10 Tips for dealing with changes in the federal event marketing landscape. Our friends at Market Connections responded with a great infographic that summarizes the current government event landscape. Many of our clients share their concerns (OK, frustrations) that the “folks back at corporate” don’t always understand the inner workings of the federal government and the unique marketing challenges that come with it. It occurred to me that this is a great tool to share with them. In a minute or less ... Read more

10 Tips to Make Your Government Events More Successful

June 6, 2013

From Government Sales Insider | June 6, 2013 How long will the events drought last? What impact will Sequestration have? How do I get government speakers to commit and government employees to attend? How can I use money that was earmarked for cancelled trade shows to support my sales pipeline? Will virtual conferences replace in-person events? What should I tell my sales team? In May, Market Connections’ 2013 Federal Media and Marketing Study validated the government contracting industry’s concerns about reaching government customers via events. The study confirmed that trade show and conference attendance is down. Specifically, “more than half (52%) of ... Read more

Government Market Study Finds Mobile Device Usage Up and Print Media Very Much Alive

May 29, 2013

From Washington Exec | May 28, 2013 Mobile device usage is up and print is not dead. Those are just two of the findings from the 2013 Federal Media and Marketing Study (FMMS) by Market Connections Inc. In its fifth year, the study aggregates the use of print, television, radio, mobile, social media and Internet-based news media by senior federal employees. More than 3,900 decision-makers—the largest response to-date—participated in the study. “The way government executives are consuming media is changing dramatically,” said Lisa Dezzutti, president and CEO of Market Connections. “The federal sector is catching up with global and national trends when it ... Read more

Content Marketing for Government Contracting

April 8, 2013

From Federal News Radio | April 8, 2013 Matt Langan of L&R Communications highlights his work with Market Connections’ FedPulse™ industry blog on Mark Amtower’s weekly program. Listen to the interview. Read more

Marketing to the Government During Tough Times

April 1, 2013

From Federal News Radio | April 1, 2013 Mark Amtower interviews Market Connections’ President and CEO, Lisa Dezzutti, about traditional marketing methods and web 2.0 marketing during tough times. Listen to the interview. Read more

More Cancellations for Government Events

February 6, 2013

From immixGroup Government Sales Insider | February 6, 2013 It’s no secret that events targeting government employees have fallen on tough times. Unfortunately, we’re seeing more and more examples to prove that re-evaluation is necessary. The drop in demand for government event attendance was clear in the recent data put out by Market Connections. This confirmed what most of us already feared … Read the full article Read more

Post Conference-Gate – Why Government’s Not Going

February 6, 2013

From GovLoop DorobekINSIDER | February 1, 2013 With shrinking budgets and fewer resources to support mission goals, federal government decision makers and influencers plan on attending fewer events this year. Market Connections President Lisa Dezzutti talks to Chris Dorobek on the DorobekINSIDER program about feds’ plans to attend fewer conferences in 2013. Listen to the interview Read more

Expect Fewer Feds on 2013 Event Circuit

January 14, 2013

From FCW | January 14, 2013 Further belt-tightening is putting the kibosh on conference attendance, and a significant number of federal employees say they will attend fewer educational and trade events this year compared to 2012. A poll of 400 federal employees by market research firm Market Connections, Inc. found that tighter budgets (78 percent) and travel restrictions (58 percent) were key reason why nearly 40 percent said they plan on going to fewer events this year than previously. More than 35 percent also said their managers will not allow them to attend events in fiscal year 2013. Read the full article Read more


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