Weekly News Kickoff: Market Connections to Release Results of 2016 Government Contractor Study on Thursday

What tactics are winning contractors using to remain competitive, and what marketing tactics yield the best results? The Market Connections 2016 Government Contractor Study answers these questions and more. On Thursday, the company will release the results at a breakfast event. Read on for registration details. Welcome to the weekly news kickoff. Enjoy these highlights.

Study Reveals Best Practices for Contractors Working with the Federal Government
One of the key highlights of the Market Connections’ 2016 Government Contractor Study is that 28 percent of government contractors are using mergers, acquisitions and divestitures as a strategy to remain competitive in the market. On Thursday, June 30, Market Connections will release this new research at the 2016 Government Contractor Breakfast at the TEGNA Conference Center in McLean, Va. The national study of government contractors focuses on best practices of winning contractors in several areas, including strongest marketing initiatives and marketing budgets and challenges. There is still time to save your seat. Register today.

Monica Mayk, Market Connections V.P. of Client Relations visited with Mark Amtower, Amtower Off Center, for a segment on what the study results mean for federal contractors. Listen to the show on Federal News Radio.

FedRAMP finally releases high-impact security baseline
After a lengthy process, the General Services Administration‘s Federal Risk Authorization and Management Program released its high-impact security baseline, FedScoop reports. The policy now allows federal agencies to store highly sensitive information on any cloud service provider once it’s been given the FedRAMP seal of approval — provided certain controls are in place. The baseline, which has been in the works since January 2015, adds 100 security controls on top of the program’s moderate impact level. With 421 controls in place, the baseline allows over half of the budget dedicated to federal IT to explore updating legacy systems by moving to the cloud.

Why Do So Many Feds Shun the Senior Executive Service?
Recent surveys by the Partnership for Public Service and Vanderbilt University find that more than 40 percent of high-level government professionals do not aspire to the Senior Executive Service, Government Executive reports. With 85 percent of our nation’s 7,000 career senior executives eligible to retire in the next decade, federal agencies need to rethink how they recruit and hire for the SES, according to a new report from the Partnership for Public Service and McKinsey & Company. Inspired by the 2015 executive order on strengthening the Senior Executive Service, the report — “A Pivotal Moment for the Senior Executive Service” — describes practices that could bolster the SES, including ways to simplify cumbersome application and hiring processes to broaden the number and diversity of well-qualified people who apply.


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