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New Study and White Paper Detail Priorities and Security Concerns for Cloud, Mobility and Big Data

November 21, 2012

Market Connections recently conducted an a study on behalf of Lockheed Martin and its Cyber Security Alliance partners, which found that security remains the single biggest concern on the minds of government IT decision-makers when it comes to cloud computing. A new white paper titled “Cyber Security and Transformational Technologies – Keeping Systems and Data Safe” details the study results. The survey found that 85% of government technology decision makers in federal, defense/military and intelligence agencies see cyber security as a high priority and currently have one or more major initiatives underway. This was followed to a lesser degree by mobile ... Read more

Winning Social Media Strategies by Government Contractors

October 31, 2012

Social media in the government contracting sector has grown tremendously over the past four to five years. Whether to support corporate communications or enhance sales and lead generation, social media is a prime tool for influencing the right decision makers. Budget, human resources and time are often the biggest hurdles for contractors to overcome, often resulting in contractors merely running a Twitter feed that pushes out their press releases. In last year’s Public Sector Social Media Study, half of contractors said measuring ROI is a top challenge, followed closely by aligning the strategy to your organization’s overall objectives. Strategic use of social ... Read more

Gaining a Clearer Picture of Government Big Data Opportunities

September 27, 2012

The complex nature of large amounts of data makes storage, capture, sharing, analysis and visualization a true challenge for many federal agencies trying to implement big data initiatives. Just as the name implies, big data is a challenge because of the endless amount of data available for analysis and deployment. If you don’t know how to properly turn this data into actionable intelligence, it isn’t doing much for you. How can industry help the government make its data actionable and relevant? Read more Read more

Bolster Business by Securing Opportunities in Near-Adjacent Markets

August 28, 2012

When dramatic shifts occur in any industry, the most nimble of players are able stay ahead of the curve, make the right adjustments and maintain their leadership position. With uncertain times ahead, many government contractors are looking for opportunities in near-adjacent commercial markets. For many organizations that have seen exponential growth over the past decade in the government sector, this may be a tough change. How do you know whether an adjacent market will be receptive to a new provider who comes from the government contracting industry? When you can’t afford to throw ideas against a wall to see what sticks or ... Read more

Every Time You See “Engage,” Think Market Research

July 31, 2012

Obama’s Digital Government Strategy Requires Research-Driven Engagement In the recently released digital strategy document, the Obama administration implores agencies to push for better, standardized digital solutions that will generate more citizen engagement. The term “engage” is peppered liberally throughout the document, encouraging agencies to connect with citizens while developing plans to support the digital strategy. While the digital strategy may seem daunting, the key to success lies in garnering actionable insights from citizens throughout the entire process of developing digital and mobile solutions. Market research will be the foundation for identifying citizen needs and expectations, validating decisions along the way and tracking ... Read more

Winning Government Contractors Expect to See Future Growth Opportunities

June 28, 2012

Government contractors with higher contract win rates are expecting to see continued growth in the future, especially for those who assess opportunities in cyber and cloud early. In addition, trade shows, conferences and thought leadership marketing play major roles in winning contractors’ positioning and success strategies. This from Market Connections’ 2012 Government Contractor Study, released last week at the Government Marketing Forum 2013 Contractor Outlook Event at the Tysons Corner Marriott , Vienna, Va. “We are heartened to see 62% of survey respondents projecting at least some growth in 2012 revenue, despite the current austere climate,” said Lisa Dezzutti, President and CEO ... Read more

Customer Satisfaction Research Drives Success for Winning Contractors

June 28, 2012

Gaining honest feedback from clients and customers is vital for enhancing overall performance. Though for government contractors who are often embedded with their clients on a daily basis, it can be difficult to gather the constructive insights needed to ensure re-compete contract wins. And, it is easy for contractors to make false assumptions about their perceived performance that could actually jeopardize contracts. Winning government contractors are using the results of customer satisfaction research to increase competitiveness and achieve business growth during these austere times. Market Connections’ 2012 Government Contractor Study found that contractors with higher win rates were more likely to ... Read more

Marketing Insurance for a Tough Economy

May 16, 2012

Everyone from top CEOs to President Obama is talking about cutting back on spending and finding ways to “do more with less.” Unfortunately for marketers, this usually means budget cuts or even full slashing of your budget. If you desperately need your next campaign or rebrand to provide the most bang for your buck, what do you do? It’s simple — buy insurance. Not from an insurance company, but from a research company. Setting aside money for research provides you with the largest return on investment (ROI) you can get for your money. Research arms you with key insights and important ... Read more

Push polling isn’t proper market research

February 29, 2012

We are deep in the season of political polling, and regardless of anyone’s political leanings, it is easy for us all to get swept up in the who’s up and who’s down of the Republican primary battle. The scrutiny will only build as we get closer to November’s general election, when polls will try to predict everything from the presidential winner down to mayoral races all over the country. Political polling is a highly specialized niche of market research. At their best, market research surveys of all stripes allow us to gain insights into people’s behaviors and opinions, and tease out ... Read more

New Study Sees Opportunities in Federal Health IT

January 25, 2012

The federal healthcare IT market is undergoing rapid change, in part driven by technological advances and in part by policies mandating better sharing of medical data while maintaining patient privacy. These conditions are creating opportunities for companies to gain market share and stand out as leaders in health IT. Last fall, Market Connections completed a multi-client study of the federal health IT space to assess the competitive landscape within federal health agencies, uncover the “pain points” that a successful vendor can help to alleviate and identify the top federal healthcare IT initiatives and solutions being considered by decision makers and influencers. Respondents ... Read more


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