Federal Media & Marketing Study 2017

Federal Media & Marketing Study 2017


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Finally, federal marketers have a reliable and affordable data source for honing and perfecting strategic marketing campaigns. Reaching the right senior decision-makers at civilian and defense agencies continues to be a key challenge for federal marketers. Improve reach to federal executives with the unique ability of the popular Federal Media and Marketing Study to slice and dice each demographic by multiple job functions or purchasing areas and then map each to specific media habits.

The 9th annual study combines actual media usage of mid- to senior-level federal decision-makers with their demographics, job function and purchasing habits. Survey responses from more than 3,000 decision-makers highlight their media usage spanning print, broadcast, social, mobile and online.


  • Job Function and Purchase Responsibility – More than 25 different job functions and areas of purchase, by product and service
  • Media Usage – 60+ publications, 100+ websites and mobile sites; 15+ social sites; differences inside vs. outside the Beltway
  • Barriers to Media – What are the barriers employees are facing when accessing content on government equipment?
  • Trusted Content – To what extent do decision makers trust news and information from different media sources?
  • Time Spent Accessing Content – How much time do government employees spend accessing content online, watching TV, listening to the radio and reading e-newsletters?

NEW IN 2017

  • Fake News – Do federal employees feel fake news has impacted the credibility of media publications?
  • Teleworking – How often are federal employees teleworking and how does it impact media habits?
  • Tenure and Retirement – Does the looming retirement wave impact how we should be marketing to federal decision makers?
  • Commuting – What are the media habits of commuters inside the beltway?


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How can this study help with your strategic marketing?

  • Know exactly who to target and how to reach them
  • Understand how federal government decision makers acquire products and services
  • Improve marketing by aligning the survey findings with your specific information needs

Why is this study so unique?

  • Results are incorporated into a dynamic web-based reporting tool allows you to cross-tabulate survey results to create your own customized data views, such as job title and product purchases; or job title and web site visits or publication readership
  • Survey results combines demographic, job function, and purchasing data with actual media usage
  • Results cover over 25 product and services areas, from weapons systems and IT to human resources and travel

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Federal Media & Marketing Study 2017

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