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WEBINAR: BEST PRACTICES: Attracting Federal Audiences to Your Live Events

November 16, 2017

Events are a key channel for lead generation among government contractors, yet many are struggling with attracting the right federal decision-makers to their events. Over the years, Market Connections has tracked the rise and fall of event attendance in larger federal studies, while hypothesizing reasons for any upward or downward trends. To better understand the “why,” we conducted a study to gauge factors and preferences that drive federal IT decision-makers to attend live events. PRESENTER: Aaron Heffron, Market Connections, Inc. – Executive Vice President Fill out the form to download the webinar. var ss_form = {'account': 'MzawMDE1BkIA', 'formID': 'Mzc3M09MsjDTNTcyMNM1SU5M0rVMAhKGBmkmZqYm5qYmFmkA'}; ... Read more

2017 Federal Media & Marketing Study™

August 17, 2017

9TH ANNUAL BREAKFAST & BRIEFING Thursday, November 2, 2017 | 8:30 AM – Noon VALO Park Conference Center (formerly known as TEGNA) 7950 Jones Branch Drive McLean, VA Online ticket sales have ended. On-site registration is still available at the event. SAVE THE DATE! Add to Calendar !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s);if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js.src="";fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);}}(document, "script", "eventable-script"); NOTE: The Eventable link above works by synchronizing your calendar with a separate calendar feed. This event will appear in “other calendars” to protect your privacy and data and allow us to update, as needed. Join us Thursday, November 2 at this popular event for B2G marketers. The annual Federal Media & Marketing Study™ looks ... Read more

WEBINAR: BEST PRACTICES: Using Research to Position Your Company for Contract Wins

May 15, 2017

Wednesday, June 28, 11:30 AM EDT How can you ensure your next contract win? How can you unseat the incumbent during a recompete? The cost of responding to an RFP is simply too high to guess at the right approach and win themes. Join us to learn how capture research can help you know exactly what you need to know to position your company for the win. Presenter: Aaron Heffron, Market Connections, Inc. – Executive Vice President Fill out the form to download the webinar. var ss_form = {'account': 'MzawMDE1BkIA', 'formID': 'MzVIMU4zNjfStTQyTtI1MTFI0bU0t0jRTTMyMUu2MDIxMTIzAQA'}; ss_form.width = '100%'; ... Read more

WEBINAR: BEST PRACTICES: Using Research to Assess Market Perceptions and Company Positioning

March 6, 2017

Date: Wednesday, April 5, 11:30 AM EDT Description: How does your company or brand stack against your competitors? Are your communications and campaigns successfully representing your brand? How have perceptions changed over time? Join us and learn the importance of taking a baseline of how your organization is perceived and tracking changes in awareness, consideration and preferences to gain an edge over your competitors and build stronger relationships with your customers. Presenter: Lisa Dezzutti, Market Connections, Inc. – President and CEO Fill out the form to download the webinar. var ss_form = {'account': 'MzawMDE1BkIA', 'formID': 'S7YwSTMytLDQNTMysNQ1MU801bUwMTXXNTAzs0g2ME1OSrJMBQA'}; ss_form.width = '100%'; ... Read more


March 6, 2017

Thursday, April 27, 8:30-11:30 AM (EDT) Crowne Plaza Tysons Corner 1960 Chain Bridge Rd., McLean, VA 22102 Join Market Connections and Merritt Group as we present the results of the 2017 Federal Content Marketing PulsePoll™, followed by a panel discussion. Learn which content, formats and channels are considered most relevant, influential and informative during the federal procurement process among government decision makers and the contractors who market to them. New in 2017, the study introduces additional channels including social media, compares paid versus earned marketing and highlights trends found from 2015 to present day. What you will learn: What thought-leading content do government decision-makers ... Read more

WEBINAR: Best Practice Series: Using Research to Successfully Introduce New Products, Services and Campaigns

January 11, 2017

Date: Wednesday, February 8, 2017 11:30-12:00 PM EST Description: Developing new products, entering new markets and executing major communications campaigns can cost millions of dollars. Custom market research can ensure your budget is invested in the right strategies through new product, message and ad testing. Join us as we share how successful organizations use third-party research to make the most of their investment. PRESENTER: Dave Glantz, Market Connections, Inc. – Research Director Fill out the form to download the webinar. var ss_form = {'account': 'MzawMDE1BkIA', 'formID': 'S7SwSDMyTLXQTTRKNNQ1STQy17VIMjHTNbE0MDA1TUo1TjGzBAA'}; ss_form.width = '100%'; ss_form.height = '1000'; ... Read more

WEBINAR: Best Practice Series: Retaining your Customers and Contracts

November 18, 2016

Tuesday, December 13, 2016, 11:30-12:00 PM (EST) Market Connections will share how successful government contractors use third-party research to solidify their contract base and ensure customers are satisfied with products, services and delivery. Learn how customer satisfaction and loyalty data provide valuable past performance information that can be used in recompetes — and even in winning new business. PRESENTER: Laurie Morrow, Market Connections, Inc. – Vice President, Research Strategy Fill out the form to download the webinar. var ss_form = {'account': 'MzawMDE1BkIA', 'formID': 'SzFPTjFINk7VNTQ1MNM1MTQ30U00MDHRTTI3TklKNE5LszA2BQA'}; ss_form.width = '100%'; ss_form.height = '1000'; ss_form.hidden = {'Company': 'Acme Co.', ... Read more

2016 Federal Media & Marketing Study™

September 19, 2016

8TH ANNUAL BREAKFAST & BRIEFING ONLINE REGISTRATION IS CLOSED. LIMITED IN-PERSON REGISTRATION AVAILABLE. Join us November 9th at this popular event for B2G marketers. The annual Federal Media & Marketing Study™ looks at media consumption habits of federal decision-makers: the top publications, websites, radio, TV and more, along with demographics, job functions and purchasing responsibilities. November 9, 2016 | 8:30 AM – Noon TEGNA Conference Center, McLean, VA Powered by Eventbrite NEW THIS YEAR: Social Media – Are federal employees following companies online and what kind of content are they looking for? Mobile Apps – What types of mobile apps are federal employees using? Barriers to Access – ... Read more

WEBINAR: Mobility Study: How are Feds Accessing and Consuming Content on Mobile Devices?

May 16, 2016

Wednesday, June 1, 2016, 11:30 am- 12:15 pm (EDT) With the majority of feds using mobile devices, there is no doubt that they are more connected than ever. But does that connectivity result in more work productivity? What content are they accessing, and when are they accessing it? Join us as we share the results of our recent PulsePoll™ of federal decision-makers and their use of mobile devices. Register PRESENTER: Monica Mayk, Market Connections, Inc. – Vice President, Client Services Read more

2016 Federal Government Contractor Study

May 16, 2016

Thursday, June 30, 2016, 8:30-11:30 am (EDT) TEGNA Conference Center 7950 Jones Branch Dr., McLean, VA 22102 Join us to learn about the best BD and marketing practices from the industry’s leading companies. Market Connections will share results from our latest research study, followed by a panel of experts who will share their personal insights on best practices. The breakfast setting will provide an opportunity to network with like-minded peers in the industry. Powered by Eventbrite What You Will Learn: Top challenges faced by business development and marketing professionals in the federal space Top strategies for remaining competitive in the federal environment despite budget restrictions, LPTA and ... Read more


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