Retain Customers and Contracts

Retain Customers and Contracts“Market Connections provides unbiased, actionable data that has helped us improve our customer relationships. This research is helping us keep our customers and employees happy, and that leads to a high return on investment.”

CHALLENGE: In this competitive marketing climate, it is becoming increasingly common for customers to call us in frustration after losing an important contract recompete. Often the loss comes as a surprise, and they want to know how to prevent surprise losses in the future.

SOLUTION: Market research by an independent third party helps solidify your contract base and ensure your customers are satisfied with your products, services and delivery. It also helps you identify issues that may be brewing before they become problems. This combination improves customer loyalty and retention. As a third-party research firm, we can gather information that customers may not be willing to provide directly to you. We have heard many times that uncovering unknown problems has saved a relationship. We have also heard that customer satisfaction and loyalty data provide valuable past performance information that can be used in recompetes — and even in winning new business.


  • Contract Evaluation: Contract evaluation research is a proven path to the vital insights that deliver the advantage you need to win more recompetes, increase competitiveness, and maintain steady growth in times of austerity.
  • Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty: Rather than putting business at risk by inaccurately guessing what customers think, a commitment to customer satisfaction research will enable you to get a pulse on what your customers feel today and allow you to make any course corrections necessary—before it is too late.In addition, our proprietary Customer Satisfaction Index, FedSatComps, provides a composite score of certain questions on a customer satisfaction survey, and is a great way to see trends quickly and conveniently. It is a good measurement mechanism for executives who need a quick snapshot of corporate customer satisfaction levels.
  • Customer Experience Research: Customer experience research goes beyond customer satisfaction to reveal what prospects are thinking before they buy. It provides businesses with the chance to change messages, services or touch points based on the feedback. By constantly assessing the customer experience and making ongoing adjustments, companies can dramatically improve brand perception, customer retention rates and win rates.
  • Customer Journey Mapping: A customer journey map is a visual interpretation of the overall story from the customer’s perspective of their relationship with a company, service, product or brand, over time and across channels. It identifies motivators, inhibitors, emotions and pain points that influence how the customer relates and makes decisions.

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